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Fanny Hünerwadel, Sonntagsfrühe

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Fanny Hünerwadel

Fanny Hünerwadel
(Trio for vocal, flute and piano)

Fanny Hünerwadel (1826 – 1854)
"Sonntagsfrühe" for vocal, flute and piano

The composer Fanny Hünerwadel (1826 in Lenzburg - 1854 in Rome) came from a long-established family of the town of Lenzburg. She was the eldest child of the doctor Johann Friedrich Hünerwadel and Regula Speerli, who were both enthusiastic music lovers.

After first being taught by her mother, Hünerwadel learned to play the piano in Lenzburg with Philipp Tietz, Joseph Breitenbach, and Ludwig Kurz and belonged to the local singing society. From 1846 she studied piano, singing, music theory and composition with Hans Nägeli and with Wagner's friend Alexander Müller in Zurich.

During her time in Zurich she made the acquaintance of Johann W. Kalliwoda, Richard Wagner, Ferdinand Huber, Franz Liszt, Franz Abt, Wilhelm Baumgartner and Henri Vieuxtemps.

In 1852, she played Johann Nepomuk Hummel's "Rondo brillant" in a subscription concert of the Zurich General Music Society, which became the current Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra.

For further studies, she traveled to Florence and Rome in 1853.

In Florence she took singing lessons with Romani. In Rome in 1853 she was the guest of the artistic families Corrodi and Imhof and took lessons with the singing teacher Parisotti. Hünerwadel died of typhoid fever in Rome on April 27, 1854, and was buried there on April 30. Six of Hünerwadels seven preserved piano songs were published posthumously (in 1854).

Her great-nephew was the composer, painter, and publicist Peter Mieg (1906-1990)

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Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Fanny Hünerwadel

Songtext of
Early Sunday Morning

Sounds of bells from the valleys,
Festive songs, bright sunrays fall
Through the dark rows of beech.
The sky is flooded in brightness,
Sacred peace surround all.

From the valleys I hear resounding,
Pealing of bells, festive singing,
Echoing loud from the valleys
Pealing of bells, festive singing.
Through the fields richly decorated.
People flock on all paths,
Happy children richly adorned,
Go to meet the Father.

Who, on waves of golden crops
Blessing passes through the land.

As the streams glide so quietly,
The flowers blink so quietly
And from a long forgotten time
Greetings come, waving.

I must feel like a child,
Like a child I would like to play,
Echoeing loud from the valleys
Pealing of bells, festive singing.

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Fanny Hünerwadel
Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Fanny Hünerwadel
Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Fanny Hünerwadel


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