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Toccata und Fuge in d-moll BWV 565

Helene Schulthess, Toccata und Fuge in d-moll BWV 565, Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 ‑ 1750)
Toccata und Fuge in d minor BWV 565 en

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
Toccata und Fuge in d minor BWV 565 for flute solo

The Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565 for organ are among the most famous works by Johann Sebastian Bach. However, the often monophonic melody could indicate that the work was originally planned for solo violin. One of the most fascinating things about a melody instrument is that it uses the acoustics of a room to create the impression of harmony. The arrangement by Jean-Claude Veilhan fully exploits the tonal range and the many expressive possibilities of the flute.

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Mistail
Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Mistail

St. Peter Mistail, Albula
Canton of Graubünden, Switzerland

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Mistail

This video was recorded in the Church of St. Peter in Mistail/Alvaschein, Graubünden Canton, Switzerland. It was built around the year 800.

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