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Eugene Magalif - Ukrainian Medley

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Ukrainian medley

Eugene Magalif - Ukrainian Medley

Potpourry on 4 Ukrainian Songs for Flute ensemble and piano

Unique project with 32 flutists all over the world

Project idea: Professor Ulrich Müller-Doppler, Germany
Producer and composer: Eugene Magalif, Belarus-USA

Flutists in alphabetical order:

Arampi, Martina ItalyMcDonough, Emer Ireland-UK
Arnheim, Yossi IsraelMendoza Salas, Maria Mexico-Venezuela
Asbjørnsen, Lars Norway-GermanyM, Helena Germany
Ayscue, Ronna USAMiragliotta, Sergio Brazil-USA
D’Arcangelo, Rita Italy-GermanyMüller-Doppler, Ulrich Germany
D’Hollander, Berten BelgiumNagle, Patricia France
Dimitrova, Elena Moldova-UkraineRotbart, Amadeus Belarus-Ukraine
F, Anzhalika BelarusSarkissian, Arin Armenia-USA
Gaudino, Marco ItalySavelyev, Denis Ukraine-USA
Gershman-Pepper, Nikka USASchulthess, Helene Switzerland
Gnativ, Dmytro Ukraine-USAScott, Kim USA
Dmytro Ukraine-USASyrovatina, Olga Ukraine
Krzysztof Maciej Poland-KuwaitSytianko, Oleg Belarus-Finland
Lancellotti Auld, Carla USATing, Chi Taiwan-USA
Lee, Coreisa Janelle USAWhitman, Pamela USA
Li, Annie China-USAZernaeva, Olga Ukraine
Matviienko, Sofiia Ukraine-UK 


Well-known German flute professor Ulrich M-Doppler, the last direct descendant of the famous composers-flutists Doppler brothers, called Magalf and asked him to create a piece on Ukrainian themes. Magalif wrote ”Ukrainian Medley (Potpourri)” based on four Ukrainian songs. The project involved a joint remote video recording of this piece by flutists from different countries with piano accompaniment. The plan was to record the ”Ukrainian Medley” with 15 flutists, but many more performers wanted to participate in the project, so their number was expanded to 32 flutists from 23 countries. There are many well-known and respected soloists, professors and students. You can see all of them in pictures in this post or in comments.

There are three Flute parts in ”Ukrainian Medley” and three large sections. All of them connected by the folk theme ”Shchedryk:” “What a Moonlit Night,” “Oh, Girl, the Grove is Humming,” and “Black Eyebrows, Brown Eyes.”

We hope that the video “Ukrainian Medley” will be widely distributed by news outlets.

All project participants believe that such collaboration of musicians from different countries will help to stop the aggression and establish peace.

April 12, 2022

the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe published an article about the project:

Flutists of the world against War and Aggression

April 27, 2022

A reportage appeared on the main English page of the Voice of America!

Voice of America (VOA or VoA) is the state-owned international radio broadcaster of the United States of America. It is the largest and oldest U.S.-funded international broadcaster. VOA produces digital, TV, and radio content in 47 languages that it distributes to affiliate stations around the Globe to approximately 240 million people worldwide.

Voice of America

May 16, 2022 (United Kingdom) published the article about our project.

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